Welcome to our page and make yourself right at home! We are just getting started, but we hope that this blog can inspire other families on their respective paths in life.

We will be focused on family, homeschooling, fitness, health, wellness and our journey to our own self sufficient homestead. You will see posts on hunting, paganism, animals, kids, and blended families as well. We are a pretty eclectic bunch.

A little more about The Paduano Family:

Aaron: The Dad, my husband, and the rock of the family, gamer and overall tech guru for the house.

Barbara: That’s Me! The Mom. I’m the planner, the dreamer, the fitness junkie, MS Warrior, and essential oil loving hippie.

The Not So Little Dude: Aaron’s oldest son. Super gamer kid. Loves Xbox, Roblox, and all that stuff.

Wildchild: The youngest. Nature loving kid, loves being in the dirt, being outside, dinosaurs, and being LOUD.

You’ll see various members from both our families throughout our posts, but we will make sure to introduce them more when they are featured.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoy the journey!

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